Saturday, May 12, 2012

Second Shpongle Live

Someone said something like people commonly feel a change in consciousness or hallucinating while listening to the music of Shpongle.
I agree. Once I was definitely tripping out of Star Shpongled Banner and A New Way To Say Hooray while listening to Shpongle's 2nd album.

I was very lucky that Simon Posford decided to perform in Madison again this year. This time I was a fan, so I had to go! Even though I had exam the next day and I was sick. My throat hurt like craps when I biked to the theatre.

Shpongle is not only a musical experience but also visual. The projections are the prettiest things ever!

This was the stage design this year. Somehow I liked last year's better. (Last year's looked more badass hurhurhur.)

Shpongle's logo, of course!

There was a guy who made a sparkling mask like that. Excellent!
Simon played the Prometheus remix of A New Way to Say Hooray. Ohh I love that remix.

Everyone cheered as (DMT) Divine Moments of Truth started to play. It was a remix as well.

It was so funny that Simon not only swung to but also sang along to those "lyrics" and even weird sounds in his songs. The DMT remix had a "DMT ... LSD!" in the middle. I laughed when Simon opened his eyes widely and squealed along with it.

Is it just me or I think those projections are leaning more toward the tryptamines (as opposed to like phenethylamines and LSD)? But for Shpongle, of course, haha.


Another picture of the mantis.

Around the World in A Tea Daze, with different cultures as projections. Here are Taj Mahal with an Asian paper umbrella and a Chinese character. How sweet!

I met a few very interesting and passionate cosplayers. I asked for photos with them.

A guy dressed as Raoul Duke from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I told him he'd look even better with a cigarette.

A "fake Simon". This big fan made the hat and dressed like this to look like Simon. He kind of does if his beard was a bit shorter doesn't he?

I don't know what this person was supposed to be. I said you look like a shaman. He replied, I like to think of myself as one. But he doesn't know any spell or magic.

Sadly Simon left immediately again after the show. No one got to really talk or interact with him. Except he touched the finger tips of a few people at the very front.
So I guess I have to post one of my drawings on his FB one day.

I was so Shpongled. For a long time ringing in my head was all Shpongle's music.

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