Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I just came back from the last organic chemistry midterm. It's such a tough week for me so I haven't been updating my blog. Broke my record again. There was a time I was awake for 22 hours, going to classes and studying.

Now my chemistry class is getting into a fascinating part, synthetic chemistry. It's like magic! Make molecules! But this exam really whacked me because I was working on other projects and didn't have much time to study. I was startled by a question that asked us to synthesize a alkyl bromide with about 10 carbons out of reagents that have only 2 carbons. In the end, it was left blank.

Even though I'm totally worn out at this moment, I'm grateful that I could move to a new, quieter environment. I'm able to concentrate and sleep at anytime. I'm still very stressed, probably more, but never am as depressed as before in the old apartment. Thanks God, I may be exhausted but I'm well-fed, educated, and in a peaceful state.

This week I literally struggling to the last minute for every assignment. This is so atypical of my style. I hate it but have no choice. So here're lists of my accomplishments and things to do:

1. Finished the Bio 152 independent project paper and turned it in, despite how riciculous our statistical analysis was.
2. Wrote a short biology paper on ecological succession.
3. Finished another biology homework at 4 AM.
4. Studied like crazy the day before and took the chemistry midterm. Might not get a good grade but it's over.

Things to do
1. Finish the art history final paper, which is due tomorrow.
2. Catch up with biology textbook readings.
3. Finish insect specimen collection (all the labels) this weekend.
4. Get familiar with the difficult identification of Diptera and Hymenoptera.
5. Catch up with art history readings.
6. Make powerpoint slides and poster. Prepare for presenting our biology research results.
7. Study more chemistry.
8. Art history project: visit one of the art museums and write a short paper on abstract arts. Sounds like fun!
9. Get some exercise.
10. Prepare for final exams.

Things I hope to do
1. Take a shower. Didn't wash myself for two days. The weather is cold so it's actually fine.
2. Get some sleep and dream about biology and chemistry, especially cute insects and molecules!
3. Make a video of Infected Mushroom live from the clips I recorded.
4. Talk to Mom.
5. Have time to write more journals.
6. Invite my research partners to diner.
7. Talk to Zack and Linda about plan for next year.
8. Sketch more molecule characters.
9. Put more songs into my iTunes.
10. Make thank you cards for professors and TA's.
11. I have been eating out 2 days. Make some delicious and stomach-warming dinner for myself.


  1. 可憐的寶貝,還有那麼長的LIST要完成,我知道因為你如往常一樣的對每件事都認真,所以才會那麼累。雖然你都覺得交出來的報告成果不怎樣,可是最後成績都很好,我相信你只是一樣的完美主義發作。

  2. 今天我吃完晚飯,沒多久就去睡覺,因為至少沒有迫在眉睫的功課,所以給它睡個8+小時再說,哈!

  3. Go! Go!
    It's the last week of this semister.
    You should to say "Marry X'mas"I am com-coming!