Thursday, September 19, 2013

If I Have a Garden (Psychoactive Plants That I Want to Own)

If I have a garden, those are some beautiful or useful legal psychoactive plants that I'd love to have. I hope all of them will still be legal when I get a garden. (Of course I'd love some illegal ones too, but they are illegal.)

1. Datura spp. (angel's trumpet; jimson weed)

Major active chemicals: atropine, scopolamine (anticholinergic deliriant)

2. Papaver spp. (poppy)
Major active chemical: morphine (analgesic)

3. Echinopsis peruviana (Peruvian torch cactus)

Major active chemical: mescaline (psychedelic)

4. Nicotiana spp. (tobacco)

Major active chemical: nicotine (stimulant??)

5. Ipomoea tricolor (morning glory)


Major active chemical: ergine (aka LSA, psychedelic)

6. Passiflora spp. (passion flower)

Major active chemicals: chrysin and other flavones (sedative), harman (MAOI)

7. Psychotria viridis

Major active chemical: DMT (psychedelic)

8. Coffea spp. (coffee tree)

Major active chemical: caffeine (stimulant)

9. Scutellaria spp. (skullcap)

Major active chemicals: baicalein and other flavones (sedative)


  1. 很多植物台灣沒有,你要偷渡一些回來嗎?

    1. 厚,不要再叫我做可能會破壞生態的事啦!
      (咦,其實偷偷復育peyote cactus好像不錯,野生的有絕種危機。)